Who is Kae Lani?

Who is this girl and what does she do?  I’ve had 24 years to think about it and this is what I’ve come up with:

Artchitect of Diction

I strive to give brands a personality by using my wit and clever charm to make them charismatic leaders in their industry.  My passion is to give brands a voice that moves people to lead better lives through meaningful ideas.  In just three years after college, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with companies to bring excitement and spunk to their brands by communicating through brave stunts in creativity.

So far, I’ve worked with…


For these companies, I have provided the following services:

  • Copywriting: Brochures, advertisements, email newsletters and more.
  • Social Media: Establishing, maintaining and growing audiences.
  • Blogging: Writing and editing content.
  • Press Trips: Published travel articles, travel reviews, blogging and contextual links.
  • PR campaigns: Contests, charity events, scholarships and bombastic stunts.
  • Graphic Design: Web banner ads, brochures, magazine advertisements and even infographics!
  • Research: Rationalizing online trends and consumer behaviors.
  • Photography: Photographer conducting architectural and product photo shoots.
  • Trade Show Management: Coordinating shipments, building booths, managing exhibit services.
  • Event Coordination: Cocktail parties and networking galas.

Working as a Marketing Coordinator for the past three years has given me the opportunity to get heavily involved in many of the tasks required for an effective promotional campaign.  Though this is a wide array of experience, there’s one consistent motif; conveying a message.  Having dabbled in many facets of promotions has given me a taste of creative copywriting and advertising… and now I’m craving more!


Everyday when sending me off to school, my mom would say “learn as much as you can learn.”  I learned as much as I could learn and continued my quest for learning at Rowan University.  I was working towards a degree in Anthropology, writing research papers on a weekly basis, when it occurred to me that the 2008 economy would be a harsh environment for a young girl striving to be the next Indiana Jones.  So I took my writing and continued storytelling via a different avenue; a degree in Marketing with a focus in International Marketing.

To put the “International” in International Marketing, I moved to Germany and continued my education in Heidelberg, Germany at Schiller International University.  It was in Germany where I learned the most about the power of language.  Sure, I fine tuned my German skills, but I also picked up on the importance of word choice and the impact of effective communication.  The German language is blunt.  They speak earnestly and precisely but it is through the subtle nuance of carefully chosen words where deeper meanings lay.

I returned stateside with a burning passion for writing and even launched a travel writing career that has led to sponsorships, published articles, press trips and advertising opportunities from companies such as Viator, Roomorama, American Express Travel Services and even Expedia.com.


Nowadays I’m living the dream in Philadelphia.  I juggle a day job as the Marketing Coordinator for Harlequin Floors along with many different freelance endeavors including travel writing, blogging, copywriting, graphic designing, crafting witty Tweets and humorous Facebook posts for local businesses, assisting in building epic websites, being a photographer and offering up whatever skills necessary to help out my fellow man. (Need a violinist?  I can help you out there too!)